Using Tamanu Oil For Acne



Many people suffer from acne and try remedy after remedy in hopes of finally locating something that works. Sometimes, an acne treatment might work, but also will stop working after several weeks, once the skin ‘gets used to it’, so to speak. This makes a frustrating cycle that can be hard to break. There is hope. If you haven’t yet tried tamanu oil for acne, then you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It’s natural, it’s safe, and more and more people are reporting positive results after using it on their skin. There’s no fluff, no hype, no catch. It’s just something that works for a lot of people that you should know about.

It’s not exactly a magic bullet acne cure. In order to defeat acne, you have to seriously cut down on bacteria, and that means washing your face regularly. Simply use tamanu oil on your skin after washing, and you’re liable to notice significant results in as little as a week. 

It seems counterproductive to add more oil to your face when that seems like what it the root of your acne problem, but there’s more to it. For more information, see My Tamanu Oil.